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We offer the services of our team of marine specialists to provide a flexible and individual response to your enquiry. Our financial solution is adapted to your requirements. We will work to guide you through the acquisition process. We are also available to provide advice with regard to evaluation, choice of flag and the registration process. We will assist you every step of the way.

We are able to offer loan terms of between 4 - 15 years* for loan amounts not exceeding 80%* of the purchase price of the new yacht. We are also able to finance your acquisition of a used yacht. We can offer fixed and variable rate mortgages.

Your finance may be in Sterling or Euros. The choice of currency will be fixed from the outset.

As security for the loan we will require a first priority Marine Mortgage and will request the yacht is adequately insured with a marine insurance company recognised by us. Other securities may be required.

Fees will be charged according to the amount of the loan facility. Standard administrative charges and fees will be payable.
For further information, to make an application or to discuss your project further without commitment, please contact CGI Finance through:

Our UK broker contact:
General Yachting and Leisure Finance Ltd (GYLF)
Tel: 01590 610689 | Fax: 01590 610604
Email : information@gylf.co.uk
First Floor, 55 High Street, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9AH
*Subject to approval by CGL, Finance products subject to conditions and change at any time without notice

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