40 years presence and involvement in the pleasure boat sector have enabled us to gain unique expertise and enabled us to become a major player in boat financing.

To help finance your boat, we offer financing solutions that meet your expectations in terms of flexibility and simplicity:

For over 40 years, CGI FINANCE, as a market leader in the European pleasure boat market, has financed the sailing dreams of its clients.


We provide efficient, personnalised and confidential solutions.


  • Available on new and used boats.
  • Long terms available.
  • Fixed and variable rates.


We offer the services of our team of marine specialists to provide a flexible and individual response to your enquiry. Our financial solutions are adapted to your requirements. We will work to guide you through the acquisition process. We are also available to provide advice with regard to evaluation, choice of flag and the registration process. We will assist you every step of the way.

We are able to offer loan terms of between 4 – 15 years for loan amounts not exceeding 70% of the purchase price of the new boat. We are also able to finance your acquisition of a used boat. We can offer fixed and variable rates.

Your finance may be in Pounds Sterling or Euros. The choice of currency will be fixed from the outset.

For further information, to make an application or to discuss your project further without commitment, please contact CGI FINANCE through:
Our UK broker:
General Yachting and Leisure Finance Ltd (GY&LF Ltd)
Tel: 01590 610689 | Fax: 01590 610604
First Floor, 55 High Street, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9AH

Valid as from January 2019


CGL shall be entitled to make the following charges and to adjust the said charges from time to time:

Late Payment/default charge£/€ 100
Request for copy documents£/€ 30
Request for information re: loan£/€ 20
Dunning letters / Default letters£/€ 30


The above charges, except the Commitment fee, are commensurate with and reflect the actual administrative cost of performing the relevant action.


Fees and expenses

Set out below is a list of the amount of certain of the fees and expenses that may be incurred in connection with this Agreement. This list is indicative only, and the actual fees and expenses charged to the Borrower by the Creditor will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • the jurisdiction of registration;
  • the length of the Boat (if the Boat is longer than 15 metres then prices may be higher);
  • whether the Boat is new or unregistered or there is a change of ownership
  • whether preparation, administration and registration is straightforward;
  • the time spent by any agents or sub-contractors of the Lender undertaking any of their responsibilities on behalf of the Lender to facilitate the administration required under this Agreement or the Mortgage;
  • any bespoke requests by the Borrower.
  • any reasonable remuneration, costs, charges or expenses of a Receiver appointed to act on your behalf pursuant to the terms of the Agreement.
ExpenseGuide amount (excluding VAT)
Agent’s fee for registering a Boat, mortgage and Notice of Mortgage Intent (if applicable)Fixed fee – see below
MCA fee for Notice of Mortage Intent£ 37
MCA fee for Registration of Mortage£ 101
MCA fee for Full Registration£ 153
Transcript of Registry£ 29
Tonnage survey fee (under 15m)£ 195
Tonnage Plate (showing official number and net tonnage)£ 15
Companies House fee (companies only)£ 15 per charge
Five year MCA registration fee£ 72
Agents fees for re-registration after       5 years£ 160
Agents fees for discharge of the mortage£ 160

Such fees and expenses are subject to change which is outside our control.

The Lender’s agent will register the Boat and the Mortgage, and arrange the Tonnage Certificate required for registration of the Boat for a fixed fee to be advised by the Lender, on the basis that the Boat is under 15 metres and is in the United Kingdom. This fee includes the MCA fees which could be subject to change by the MCA between the date of execution of the Agreement and the date of completion of the registration of the Boat. IF THE BOAT IS NOT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM AND/OR IS OVER 15 METRES THERE WILL BE AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR THE TONNAGE CERTIFICATE, WHICH IS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST FROM THE LENDER.

Further, if you are a company or limited liability partnership, the Lender’s agent will register the Mortgage and Deed of Assignment of Earnings and Insurances (if applicable) at Companies House. The Lender’s agent will charge an additional fee of £150 plus VAT and the Companies House fee of £15 for the Mortgage and £15 for the Deed of Assignment of Earnings and Insurances.

The MCA fees set out above are the fees for standard service and registration can take between approximately 2-6 weeks. If you require the Boat to be registered as a priority, the MCA have a premium service, for which there are additional fees. The MCA premium service fees are available on request from the Lender.

Enforcement charges will depend upon the above mentioned factors but in all cases shall reflect the actual costs of our agents.

Terms and conditions apply. Loans will be subject to a customer approval, a satisfactory affordability assessment and a good credit history. A security will be placed over your boat in the form of a mortgage. Your boat may therefore be at risk if you do not keep up the repayments on your loan.